Cactus Family Farms L.L.C. 2016


Currently, CFF owns 34,000 sows that produce over 700,000 pigs each year. We have several pockets of pork production located in Iowa, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. We have wean to finish facilities in Iowa, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Our sow farms produce 11-12 lb. baby piglets that are weaned at 18 to 21 days of age. The weaned pigs are then transported by CFF trucks to wean to finish facilities where they are grown to market weight, approximately 280 pounds. Once ready for marketing, CFF transports each pig to one of several pork processing plants in Iowa and North Carolina.

It takes 12 different feed mills to manufacture feed for our pigs. Every year, our pigs eat more than 6,500 semi truck loads of locally grown corn and over 1,300 semi truck loads of soybean meal. CFF also utilizes dried distillers grains (DDGS) that are produced as a byproduct from corn ethanol plants.

CFF owns all of our sow facilities in Iowa and the majority of our sow farms in the south east. We also own approximately half of the wean to finish facilities. Additionally, we are proud to partner with over 35 independent farm families across the country who care for our pigs that we place in facilities that they own. Contracting with local farmers has been, and will continue be, an integral part of CFF’s success.