Cactus Family Farms L.L.C. 2016


We are committed to, and have a long track record of, protecting and preserving the natural environment on and near our swine production facilities.  

CFF’s dedicated Environmental Team ensures that the nutrients produced on our farms are managed according to our strict environmental stewardship standards, and incorporated on the land for optimum nutrient utilization in crop production.  

We use sound and proven nutrient storage technologies. We monitor ground and surface waters near our farms to ensure we are meeting regulatory standards and our own rigorous environmental protection standards. Each of our farms has a thorough manure management plan developed by certified agronomists. The plan includes identification of suitable and adequate fields for nutrient application, identification of environmentally sensitive features in fields, and strict application standards.

Nutrient application is done only by state certified application specialists. Regular and thorough record keeping, as well as consultation with our farmer partners, ensures that proper utilization of resources is achieved, and that we adhere to all federal, state and local regulations. Regular maintenance and repair of nutrient handling systems helps us to maintain our high level of conformance.