Cactus Family Farms L.L.C. 2016


Being good neighbors in the communities where Cactus Family Farms operates and our teammates live and work, is a high priority. CFF’s Vision to help people prosper has a direct impact in communities. Whether it is purchasing feed from the local coop, participating in 4-H or other youth programs, supporting local food pantries, communicating about production practices with neighbors, or supporting individuals’ passions, we are committed to cultivating win-win relationships.

One of CFF’s biggest initiatives with communities and neighbors has been the extreme sensitivity used in exploring and constructing new production sites. Our site development standards go far beyond state legal and environmental requirements in an effort to create win-win opportunities. Communication with potential neighbors is job one when looking at new production sites.

Follow the links under About Us > Communities>  to learn more about the communities we live and work in.