Cactus Family Farms L.L.C. 2016

Animals Continued

In addition to the PQA Plus and TQA programs, CFF  has made a commitment to the National Pork Board’s We Care initiative.  The We Care initiative asks producers to adopt the following set of ethical principles applicable across the entire pork industry.

Produce Safe Food

Protect and Promote Animal Well-Being

Ensure Practices to Protect Public Health

Safeguard Natural Resources in All of Our Production Practices

Provide a Work Environment That is Safe and Consistent With Our Other Ethical Principles

Contribute to a Better Quality of Life in Our Communities

To better understand the scope and details of CFF and the pork industry’s commitment to follow the initiative, click one of the We Care links on this page.  For more on pork industry animal welfare philosophy, you can also see the Swine Animal Welfare Fact Sheet List. The fact sheets serve as guidelines for CFF and other producers in establishing policies and procedures for the care of our animals.