Cactus Family Farms L.L.C. 2016


The health and well-being of our animals is the highest priority every day at CFF. Healthy, stress free animals are highly productive, and no one understands this better than CFF’s employees and contractors.

Animal housing systems are designed to maximize animal comfort at every stage of the animal’s life. They allow people to provide proper care and nutrition for each animal individually. The environment is warm, dry, and safe for both the animal and our teammates that work there. Treatment of sick animals is overseen by three specialized swine veterinarians dedicated to CFF The veterinarians are continuously evaluating our systems and processes to improve animal well-being.

CFF’s production employees and contractors are all trained through the National Pork Board’s Pork Quality Assurance Plus® (PQA Plus) program. The program encompasses 10 good production practices, as well as a program to measure, track, and continuously improve animal welfare. The PQA Plus program also targets food safety issues that ensure CFFis able to continuously provide the highest quality pork products to the consumer. Learn more about PQA Plus.

Training for CFF live haul truck drivers is also done through the National Pork Board’s Transport Quality Assurance® (TQA) program. TQA  helps ensure transporters understand the proper ways to handle and transport animals.

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